Welcome to the 'New Trends in Management' Wiki

Welcome to this wiki and to the module! I hope that I'll find taking this module - and working with this wiki - to be intriguing, enjoyable and rewarding experiences.

I am currently bringing together the resources for this module and thinking through how it will be taught. I'll be posting several pages about these issues over the next couple of weeks. If you have any queries about the module before the beginning of its classes, then there are two different ways of posting them.

  • You can highlight the phrase or word upon which you want to comment, then click on the speech bubble in the toolbar above and then add your comment.
  • You can click on the 'discussion' button and then add your comment.

You'll be making a lot of contributions to this wiki over coming months and it would be a good idea for you familiarise yourself now with how it works. Play around with it and post some pages to it if you like. It's impossible to break and what you post can always be deleted later. I've posted a page called 'what is a wiki?' that you might want to read and it will provide you with some insights into what a wiki is designed to achieve.